Animal Tales

An Animal Tales presentation introduces the young learner to animal life through a shared story and a hands-on encounter with one of our Animal Ambassadors.

First, our talented educators will read an age-appropriate animal-themed picture book. Then, children will learn facts about an animal featured in the story and interact with a live version of that animal. Children are permitted to touch the animal whenever it is safe and appropriate. Recommended for preschool and early elementary ages, this program is perfect for early childhood centers, daycare facilities, and academic preschools.

Why you'll love Animal Tales:

· Provides a balance of language arts, science inquiry and social interaction
· Inclusion of both focused and fascinated attention activities helps lengthen youthful attention spans · Storytelling provides opportunity to practice active listening skills
· Early exposure to novelty builds confidence and critical thinking skills
· Animals eligible to appear may include:

Giant millipede
Guinea Pig
Baby goat (summer season only)

Eligible animal list is subject to change. Special requests can be made for a specific animal, but we may need to make substitutions, so specific animal appearances cannot be guaranteed.

Fees and Information:

  • Duration: 20 - 30 minutes
  • Maximum participation: 25 students per session
  • Number of animals: 1 animal and a story
  • Program Fee: $50 per presentation. Travel fees apply for all locations outside of Greater Lafayette. Book a 6+ visit package and receive a discount!

Contact the Education Department to Book:

  • Phone: (765) 807-1555
  • Email:
AT at Faith 052