About Us

Interested in volunteering with the Parks Department? Let us know! Volunteers assist with parks beautification, tails maintenance, and special events.

To volunteer with Lafayette Parks & Recreation, e-mail: parksvolunteers@lafayette.in.gov or call 765-807-1500 for more information.

Park Watch
The Neighborhood Park Watch Program was developed to ensure that your park is a safe place to play, take a leisurely walk, enjoy a picnic, and simply HAVE FUN!
By keeping a watchful eye on nearby parks and reporting improper activities, local neighbors can help keep their parks healthy and wholesome places for all to enjoy.

For Emergencies: CALL 911
To report vandalism or broken equipment: Call: 765-807-1522

Parks Security: 765-491-2679 or 765-479-6109
To report crimes in progress: 765-807-1200

Photo Policy
On occasion, Parks and Recreation Staff may take photos of participants in our programs, classes, and events, as well as people in parks or on park properties. Please be aware that these photos are for department use only and may be used in future catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, or social media.

Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED in all of our parks and facilities.
a cigarette being crossed out to symbolize a no smoking area