Volunteer Opportunities

Wabash Spring Sampling Blitz 
Join WREC, and other volunteers to sample more than 250 stream sites.   For information regarding volunteer opportunities,  contact Sara Peel by email or by calling 765-337-9100.

Hoosier River Watch
Hoosier River Watch promotes stewardship of Indiana's waterways through a volunteer stream monitoring and water quality education program. Hoosier Riverwatch is a state-sponsored water quality monitoring initiative. The program was started in 1994 to increase public awareness of water quality issues and concerns by training volunteers to monitor stream water quality.

Storm Drain Marking Program
Get involved in helping prevent non-point pollution by stenciling storm drains with "Dump No Waste - Drains to Stream." You will be introduced to watersheds and learn where our stormwater goes. We'll provide the program and supplies...you provide the manpower.

Watershed Information
The Environmental Protection Agency offers 10 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference in Your Watershed to anyone wanting to learn about the watershed. Become active in your watershed and increase public awareness.