Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division consists of 5 sworn officers and 17 civilians. It is commanded by Captain Brian Gossard. The division provides services to the public as well as to the other two divisions of the department while helping meet goals and objectives established by the Chief and other administrators. 

Officers of the Administrative Services Division seldom have involvement with routine police investigations, but the services they provide to the other two divisions are critical for support, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Administrative Services encompasses several aspects of the Lafayette Police Department including, but not limited to: 
                           - Records Section Management 
                           - Property and Evidence Management 
                           - Internal Affairs 
                           - Training 
                           - Community Outreach 
                           - Animal Control Management 
                           - School Resource Officer Coordination 
                           - D.A.R.E Officer Coordination 

The Division also coordinates the entire hiring process for sworn personnel by working with, and following the guidelines established by, the Police Civil Service Commission.

2023 Roster
   Captain Brian Gossard
   Lieutenant Randy Sherer
Lieutenant Justin Hartman
 SRO Officer Mark Roberts
 Dare Officer Heath Provo



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