The Communications Center (Dispatch) handles incoming 911 calls, administrative calls, and is responsible for processing and dispatching those calls to the Lafayette Police Department, as well as the Lafayette Fire Department.

In 2018 Captain  obtained the leadership responsibility of Special Operations division of which the communication center is assigned. The CAD administrator/ 911 supervisor in charge of daily operations in the communications center is Katie Huber.

In 2019, Lafayette Police responded to 101,252 calls for service. That is down from 2018 where the Lafayette Police Department handled 107,155 calls for service. 

The Communications Center answered and processed 51,013 emergency 911 calls and 171,542 administrative calls. 


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Text to 911 came to the Lafayette Police Department in July of 2014. It is now available at every agency in Indiana.  This process allows citizens to make contact with the nearest police department via cell towers, in an emergency, when talking is not a safe option. Citizens utilize the software just like a regular text message placing 911 in the TO field. 911 Dispatchers from across Indiana are able to communicate back and forth with the citizen to find their location and determine the emergency. It is always best, however, to call 911 if able.