Building Permits

The City Engineer's Office issues all building permits for construction in the city limits of Lafayette. To obtain a building permit an application packet must be submitted to the City Engineer's Office for review. 

Reviews may take up to ten (10) business days to complete. The ten (10) day clock does not start until all required documents are submitted and all administrative requirements are met. 

A building permit is required for: (1) all new construction of primary and accessory buildings; and (2) any alterations, repairs, or changes to existing buildings.

Building permit fees are based on the square footage of the project. Residential projects are .15 cents per square foot (minimum $200). Commercial projects are .25 per square foot (minimum $250). For a full list of possible fees click here.

Submittal requirements vary depending on the project:

For residential projects click here
For commercial projects click here

For questions, please call our office at (765) 807-1050.

Building Division