License, Bonding & Insurance Information

Contractor's License and Insurance Requirements 

City of Lafayette Bond Policy

Any work requiring a permit in the City of Lafayette may require the following bond and/or insurance:

For residential projects homeowners may do all work themselves, provided:
1. A copy of their homeowners insurance is submitted
2. They are living at or plan on living at the location
3. Any plumbing work is done by a state licensed plumber

General Contractors
- $5,000 Bond

Electrical Contractors
- City of Lafayette License (for information on obtaining a license click here)
- Certificate of Insurance (COI)
- $1,000 Bond (for Electrical ONLY permits)

Plumbing Contractors
- State of Indiana License
- $1,000 Bond 

Utility Contractors
$5,000 Bond

Right of Way Work
Right of Way work - Fees & Requirements

Exterior Demolitions
- Certificate of Insurance

Interior Only Demolitions
- $5,000 Bond

Fire Safety Contractors

- Please contact our Fire Prevention Division at (765) 807-1600