Animal Meet 'n Greet

Is there a Zoo animal you’d love to meet?  Reserving a private Animal Meet ‘n Greet may be right for you!  Our Animal Meet ‘n Greet program includes a private encounter with your choice of Animal Ambassador for you and up to 2 guests (ages 5+).  A Zoo Educator will provide the personal story of your new animal friend and facilitate a touching and/or feeding opportunity when appropriate.  Photography for personal use is permitted (no flash). Animal Meet ‘n Greet programs take place at the Zoo!   

Animal Meet 'n Greet eligible animals include (encounter takes place in classroom):

Screech Owl
American Alligator
Prairie Dog
Patagonian Cavy
Red-footed Tortoise
Tree Frog
African Giant Millipede

Behind-the-Scenes Meet 'n Greet eligible animals (encounter takes place in exhibit):

Galapagos Tortoise
New Guinea Singing Dog

Additional Animal Ambassadors may be available upon request.  We’re sorry, primates, otters, and eagles are not eligible for this program.

Animal Meet ‘n Greet reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance, subject to availability.  If your selected animal becomes unavailable for any reason you will be given the option of rescheduling or selecting an alternate animal.


Meet 'n Greet Fees:

Meet 'n Greet Type Base Fee Additional Participants Fee
Animal Meet 'n Greet  (In Classroom) $45 $15 (Maximum of 6)
Behind-the-Scenes Meet 'n Greet (In Exhibit) $60 $15 (Maximum of 6)
If a reservation occurs after Zoo hours there is an additional $35 fee.

To Schedule Contact the Education Department 

  • Phone: (765) 807-1540 
  • Email:

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