Zoo Teens (ages 14-17)

Columbian Park Zoo's Zoo Teen program is designed for students 14-17 years of age who have a desire to explore animal-related careers, including zookeeping, conservation and wildlife education.

This structured volunteer program is a wonderful opportunity to build a variety of transferable job skills such as customer service, time management, professional conduct, leadership and more.

Teens with an interest in any career field are encouraged to apply.  Those with a particular interest in animal-related careers will especially benefit from this program through multiyear participation.

Zoo Teen Eligibility:

A Zoo Teen Candidate will be:

  • 14-17 years of age on June 1 of the year of application
  • Trustworthy, reliable and responsible
  • Able to accept supervision of adults and ask for assistance when needed
  • Courteous to his/her peers, the general public, volunteers and staff
  • Willing to learn new skills and get his/her hands dirty
  • Willing to engage with others through public speaking and visitor interactions
  • Able to share the Zoo's wildlife conservation and education messages with enthusiasm
  • Able to present a neat and well-groomed appearance
  • Comfortable working with patrons of all ages and backgrounds
  • Able to demonstrate a positive attitude at all times
  • Supportive of Columbian Park Zoo's mission

Applications for the 2021 Zoo Teen program are now available!  

See below to download the form and review 2021 program requirements.

2021 Zoo Teen Applications are due on March 5


How To Apply:

Application materials are available starting in January of each calendar year and can be found on this page.  To be considered for the Zoo Teen Program, complete application packets must be submitted by the posted deadline.  All application materials must be submitted together including an application form, essay and 2 teacher recommendations.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.  The Zoo Teen program is competitive.

2021 Zoo Teen Application:

Contact the Zoo Teen Coordinator:

  • Phone:  (765) 807-1543 
  • Email:     zooteen@lafayette.in.gov