Pet Adoption Program

The Lafayette Fire Department has partnered with the Almost Home Humane Society to implement a Fire-Pet Program for the Lafayette community.  This program is available to Lafayette residents who have a documented loss of a pet due to a fire.  Pet owners who lose a pet in an event of a fire can obtain a form from the Lafayette Fire Department which can be presented to the Almost Home Humane Society for a waiver of the adoption fee.

Program participants will be required to complete an adoption application, visit with an adoption counselor and meet the adoption criteria of the Almost Home Humane Society prior to adoption.

The Lafayette Fire Department and the Almost Humane Society recognize that immediately following a fire event and loss of a pet is generally not the best time for adopting a new pet, as a result, this program will be valid for 1 year from the date of the fire.

 Questions about this program can be directed to:

Almost Home Humane Society             Lafayette Fire Department

Stacy Rogers                                             Brian Alkire

Executive Director                                     Assistant Chief of Fire Prevention

Almost Home Humane Society                   Lafayette Fire Department

Phone: (765) 474-5222 ext. 301              Phone: (765) 807-1613

FAX:  (765) 474-3450                               FAX: (765) 807-1601               

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