How do I report changes to my income, assets or expenses?

All changes to your household should be reported to the Lafayette Housing Authority within 10 calendar days of the change. Information can be submitted the following ways:
-By visiting the Lafayette Housing Authority office during regular business hours;
-By sending an email to  

You must include the head of household name and your name, if different. 

How do I report changes to my household? 

Contact your housing specialist. Please refer to our staff directory.

Do I pay my rent to the Lafayette Housing Authority or to my landlord?

You need to make your monthly rent payments to your landlord. 

I want to move to another state/PHA jurisdiction?

You can use your Voucher anywhere in the United States through a process called Porting. Make your request to your Housing Specialist, including the city and state where you would like to move. If approved, the Lafayette Housing Authority will send your information to the Housing Authority that covers the geographic area where you are moving. 

My landlord won’t fix things. What should I do?

Send your landlord a letter with a list of the items that need to be repaired and a deadline to complete the repairs. Be specific about the repairs and be realistic with the deadline. If the landlord does not make the repairs or respond to your request, you can then request a complaint inspection from the Lafayette Housing Authority. 

Can a family member, such as a daughter or son, live with me without being on my voucher? 

 No. Every person who lives in the unit must be reported to the Lafayette Housing Authority. If you share joint custody of a child, be sure to list that the child has more than one residence because the Lafayette Housing Authority cannot subsidize a bedroom for a child when the voucher holder’s home is not the primary custodial residence.

What if I have special needs?

Please notify the Lafayette Housing Authority if you need assistance of any kind to access our services, and let us know if you need special features in your housing (for example, we can often provide large print materials, wheelchair accessibility, customized interviews, and other housing accommodations).

If you need an interpreter or translator, please notify our agency and appropriate services will be provided. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate your needs. For additional information, please contact us at 765-771-1300. 

Someone else is paying my electric bill or phone bill.  Why is this counted as income?

The Lafayette Housing Authority must count regular monetary and nonmonetary contributions or gifts from persons not residing in the household as income.  Examples of regular contributions include: regular payments of a family’s bills (utility, telephone, rent, credit cards, car payments etc.), cash or other liquid assets provided to any family member on a regular basis and “in kind” contributions such as groceries or clothing.  

I donate plasma.  Is that income? 

Yes.  The Lafayette Housing Authority counts plasma donations as income.

Why do the utilities have to be in my name? 

When you signed your voucher, you agreed to all of the family obligations listed on page two.  Paying utility bills is included in the list of family obligations. It is Lafayette Housing Authority policy that the utility must be on in an adult household member’s name.  

Do I have to report my tax refund?