Joint Purchasing Board (JPB Bids)


All bid documents, including Joint Purchasing Board (JPB) bids, must be obtained through the Office of the City Clerk.


The Joint Purchasing Board (JPB) was created by Resolution 2005-05 allowing the City of Lafayette and Tippecanoe County Government to combine purchasing roles and efforts in a uniform manner.

In general, both agencies combine their purchasing efforts on product and material when like commodities are utilized by both agencies; hence, allowing 1 or more vendors the opportunity to supply product or material to both agencies under an awarded contract agreement.

Important Note

There are no current bid solicitations. When a bid solicitation is active, you can request the bid documents by requesting them under "Solicitation" below.
Please include your company name, your name, and all relative contact information in requesting your bid documents.


When bids are being solicited, you may visit the Office of the City Clerk to obtain the bid documents. They may also be obtained electronically by clicking here; referencing the name of the bid and by including your company name, your name and all relative contact information.