The mission of the Traffic Department is to improve the safety and efficiency of our city's streets through careful analysis and response to traffic related issues and problems.


In general, this Department works closely with the City Engineer, Street, and Police Departments and is responsible for:

  • Road striping
  • Signage
  • Traffic signals

Traffic Counts

The Traffic Improvement Department performs traffic counts on a regular basis for the Area Planning Commission. This information may be accessed from Area Plan Commission, Tippecanoe County Offices. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) also performs many traffic counts on the state roads that transverse our city.

Reporting a Streetlight

Please call the Duke Energy Call Center at 1-800-343-3525 with a detailed description of the location of any streetlight outage. The caller will be prompted to enter a telephone number. Please stay on the line to speak to a representative if the phone contact does not fit/apply to the situation being reported. You may also report the outage on Duke Energy's website. They maintain all of the street lights for the City of Lafayette and will generally repair the light within 2 - 5 business days.

Damaged Signs

To report a damaged sign within the city limits, click here. Keep in mind that many of the signs within city limits, such as those along state highways, are maintained by INDOT and not the City of Lafayette. Please contact INDOT and not the city to report damaged signs along state highways.

Non-Functioning Traffic Signals

To report non-functioning traffic signals,  click here. This form is for reporting traffic signals that are not under the control of the state. Please keep in mind that US52, SR38, and SR26 are not controlled by the city but by INDOT, and they are responsible for the signals at these intersections as well as maintaining the road surface.