Committees and Coalitions

Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services (CPS) works closely with Lafayette Police Department (LPD) on investigations involving youth who are abused or are in endangered situations.

Tippecanoe Emergency Management

Tippecanoe Emergency Management (TEMA) assists LPD in a variety of ways including assistance with major incidents requiring additional manpower. TEMA is also currently tasked with Homeland Security responsibilities for the county. Sergeant John Yestrebsky represents LPD during the TEMA emergency preparedness meetings and is the LPD representative for the District 4 Task Force.

Tippecanoe County E-911

LPD interacts with the County Enhanced 911 system in a wide variety of ways to provide emergency services in the City of Lafayette. Captain Brian Gossard represents LPD on 911 related issues. Many officers and civilians of the LPD are involved in the broad expanse of meetings related to 911 efforts.

Heartford House

This group grew into existence as a result of the efforts of T-CAP (Tippecanoe County Child Abuse Prevention Council). Prosecutors, law enforcement and Child Protective Services are provided with training and a facility that minimizes the trauma on youth who need to recount abuse, neglect and sexual abuse. 

Systems of CARE

This program involves a broad spectrum of those agencies involved with youth. Systems of CARE (SOC) provides opportunities for families to work together in solving problems that result in delinquent youth and criminal behavior.

Coalition for a Safe & Drug-Free Tippecanoe County

The Coalition meets monthly and is open to community involvement and participation. The Coalition provides grant funding to community groups in the areas of treatment, prevention and education, and law enforcement. They have awarded grants for equipment and training to LPD annually for many years. The Coalition is the parent organization of many other groups including the Tobacco Control Partnership, the Grassroots Coalition and Red Ribbon Week. Lieutenant Tim Payne actively works with the Coalition.

Juvenile Justice Commission

The Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) was appointed by the Tippecanoe County Commissioners to make recommendations and do research on the need for services and facilities for youth in Tippecanoe County. 

Drive Sober, Inc.

Drive Sober, Inc. provides Victim Impact Panel sessions to emphasize the true impact of drunk driving on our society and community. Drive Sober, Inc. also suggests, tracks, and promotes legislation related to drunk driving.

Cary Home for Children

Cary Home is operated by Tippecanoe County and provides residential treatment, holdover programs, and a variety of other programs essential to the well-being of children in our community.

Greater Lafayette Sexual Assault Prevention Coalition

The Greater Lafayette Sexual Assault Prevention Coalition (GLSAPC) meets monthly and evaluates community needs in the areas of prevention, investigation and training. This group has provided for training of SANE nurses in our hospitals, training of students and citizens in self defense, and has provided equipment and other assistance to area law enforcement. 

Local Law Enforcement

The Lafayette area and Tippecanoe County law enforcement agencies enjoy a tremendous level of cooperation between the agencies. Our dispatch and records keeping systems are shared, the computer network is shared, we share responsibility for drug investigations through the Drug Task Force and there are many other examples. The level of cooperation found in this county is not found in other areas of this state or country very often.

FBI Lafayette

The FBI has a regional office of agents located in Lafayette. These agents work closely with LPD on matters of bank robbery, counter-terrorism and interstate crimes.

U.S. Marshals Service Fugitive Task Force - Northern District of Indiana

The Marshals Service and U.S. Marshal David Murtaugh have been very instrumental in apprehending fugitives inside and outside the Indiana border. The Marshals Service has assisted LPD in several major investigations over the last few years.