1. Athletic Facilities

    There are 2 great athletic facilities in Lafayette. Take a look at the amenities of both and decide which is best for you!

    1. Armstrong Baseball Park

      Take a look at the amenities offered at the baseball park and find out how to rent a baseball or softball field.

    2. Loeb Stadium

      Find out how much it costs to rent the Loeb Stadium and how to get there.

  2. Aquatics

    Take a look at the 3 different aquatic centers open to the public and find out how to book a private party, sign up for programs and more.

    1. Plan Your Visit

    2. About Us

      Learn a little more about Lafayette Aquatics such as locations, directions and pool rules.

    3. Special Events

      View the 3 different aquatic facilities that open to the public.

    4. Programs

      View all of the great programs available through Lafayette Aquatics.

    5. I Want To...

  3. Columbian Park Zoo

    Explore all the great things the Columbian Park Zoo has to offer such as exhibits, tours, special events and more.

    1. Plan Your Visit

    2. About the Zoo

    3. Get Involved

    4. Education Programs

      Check out the various programs in the City of Lafayette.

    5. Special Events

    6. I Want To...

  4. McAllister Center

    At the McAllister Center, you can enjoy everything from a fitness facility to an interactive playground for kids.

    1. About McAllister

    2. Programs

      Participate in McAllister Center programs.

    3. Special Events

      McAllister Recreation Center holds many special events, including a Kids' Fishing Tournament and Spring Egg Hunt.

    4. Camps

      Several camps are offered by the McAllister Recreation Center.

    5. How Do I...

      Access frequently requested information.

  5. Rental Facilities

    Rent an indoor facility or shelter from the Lafayette Parks Department.

    1. Big Four Depot

      Learn about the Big Four Depot if you wish to rent it for your event.

    2. Jenks' Rest

      Jenks' Rest is home to The Center at Jenks' Rest and Junior Achievement throughout the week.

    3. The Clubhouse

      The Clubhouse is a rental facility located in McAllister Park on Lafayette's north side.

    4. Riehle Plaza & John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge

      Many community events are hosted at this Plaza because of its pleasant atmosphere and central location.

    5. Rush Pavilion

      Rush Pavilion is the perfect setting for organizational or private group meetings.

    6. Park Shelters

      Shelters are available for rent within Columbian Park and all of the community parks.