Automatic Sprinkler

Sprinkler systems are an interconnected network of sprinkler heads mounted in the ceiling or wall of a building. Sprinkler heads are connected to piping, which is attached to a water supply. Heat from a fire activates 1 or more sprinkler heads in the area of the fire, causing water to flow though the piping and sprinkler heads to suppress or control the fire. In order for a sprinkler system to perform properly in the event of a fire, it must be maintained through regular inspections, maintenance and testing by a trained technician.

LFD Forms
Codes & Standards with Indiana Amendments
  • Indiana Fire Code Section 903
  • NFPA 13 2010 edition
  • NFPA 25 2011 edition
  • NFPA 14 2000 edition
  • NFPA 13R 2010 edition