What do we do with leaves?
From October to April, rake leaves to the curb and don't bag them; a vacuum truck will come by to take them. Leaves are taken to Purdue to be composted. Watch the paper for a schedule. Leaves raked in the spring can be used as mulch in flower beds and gardens. If you don't mind sharpening your mower blade at the end of the year, you can run over leaves and mulch them right into the lawn.

From May to September, please follow the “Small Yard Waste” rules. (All small yard waste must be put in paper bags or small cans (less than 35 gallons). Paper bags and cans should not exceed 30 lbs. in weight. If using cans, please call Dispatch at 807-1410 the day before your trash day; to alert us that the can has yard waste.)

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