What is a Creature Comforts program?

One of our most popular programs, Creature Comforts visits are intended to be life enrichment opportunities for residents of assisted living, memory care and other health care facilities, as well as active senior citizen groups. If you decide to reserve a program, a Zoo Educator will visit your site along with several Animal Ambassadors and a fascinating Animal Artifact. Educators take time to share stories, memories, or fun facts about the Animal Ambassadors and artifacts presented, while also encouraging safe touching opportunities!

Creature Comforts start at $120 (travel fees apply) and includes a 45-minute presentation with 3 Animal Ambassadors and 1 animal artifact. For program quality and animal wellbeing, participation is limited to 25 persons per presentation (including facility staff and guests). An alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided after all touching opportunities.

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1. What is a Creature Comforts program?
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