Take and pass a polygraph examination

Background Checks

A candidate's traffic, criminal, financial, and relationship histories will be investigated and may serve as a basis for disqualification from the selection process. Convictions, arrests, and admissions will be assessed with particular attention given but not limited to the pattern of violations, seriousness, surrounding circumstances, number of incidents, and their recency. Juvenile arrests or misdemeanor arrests may not be grounds for disqualification, but these will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Conviction of a felony or the reasonable belief that the candidate committed a felony will be cause for immediate disqualification.

Honesty & Explanation

Completeness and truthfulness on the application is highly important. It is much better to admit to perceived faults on the application than to omit information. Do not omit information because of a lack of space for a response on the application form. If more space is needed to explain special circumstances, use a separate sheet of paper, note the corresponding question number and describe the incident, circumstances and outcome in as much detail as is needed.

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1. Submit an Application
2. Participate and pass LPD's Testing Day
3. Take and pass a polygraph examination
4. Pass Formal Interviews
5. Swearing In Ceremony